Thursday, 22 February 2007

You Still Have To Be Good To Be Big

Peter writes ...

I am trying to wrap up my thoughts on Social Computing as we move deeper into big systems and change.

And so I offer the opinion that you still have to be good to be big. Perhaps this is even more the case in the blogosphere than it is with conventional journalism. As a blogger you have to construct your reputation from scratch. The star witness to this, as ever, is Tom Reynolds. After years of spin, misrepresentation and tabloidism, one independent voice was enough to reveal the true temper of work in the frontline of Britain's public services. You might start your encounters with Tom's blog by looking at These Boots and The Slow Attrition of the Soul.

See also this out-take featuring Tom from Alan Yentob's BBC documentary on Web 2.0 last year. It proves again that you have to be good to be big. Alternatively, just have a one track mind.


RW said...

I agree, I think that you do have to be good to be big but I also think that there are going to be some potentially good people out there that may not make it big due to the fear of taking the first step. Even those that do need to persevere and possibly take some time to learn how to make yourself heard amongst all the noise, the cream will rise to the top but it needs some help.

Peter said...

Rising to the top may be an art in itself. We are only just learning how this will work.

Philip said...

A Gartner study says blogging will peak in 2007. Have netizens finally run out of things to talk about?

ARE YOU ABLOGGER? IF SO. YOU'RE IN good company. Blog search engine Technorati pegged the number of active blogs at around 56 million this past October. By January 2007 that number had grown to 63.2 million, with 175,000 new blogs begun each day.