Friday, 16 March 2007

Enterprise 2.0

Peter writes...

It is not just Manchester [2], but Harvard too. Here is Professor Andrew McAfee talking about what he calls Enterprise 2.0:

"Trying to turn lemons into lemonade in class, I asked some of the people who actually had sent a URL to describe the experience of starting a blog. They all shrugged and said it was no big deal, took about five minutes total, didn’t require any skills, etc. I then asked why I would give busy executives such a silly, trivial assignment. In both classes one smart student piped up to say "To show us exactly how trivial it was." At that point, class discussion became interesting."

This relates to a feature in Sloan Management Review.

Congratulations to all the groups today. Magnificent.


pc said...

Enterprise 2.0 started appearing on the radar a few weeks ago. The effects of social computing on our work lives are much touted, but arguably largely unproven. The next few years are shaping up to be extremely interesting in this domain.

What I find fascinating is the capability for social computing to spark hugely different ideas for its use in different people. There's no "you have to use it this way" mantra to it...use it as you see fit and in a way that works for you. Is it rare to find such flexibility?

If you are interested there's a good blog over here -

I should also offer my congratulations to all three blog teams. Great effort all round.

Personally, I found it extremely heartening to hear how you thought web2.0 and blogs in particular had impacted you professionally and personally...and your ideas for using them in the future.

Even better to come...just wait till you start to use wiki's in anger!

Great stuff...


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